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Knowing the Symptoms of a Panic Attack

If you or someone you love has or may possibly have a panic attack, you have most likely been left with a lot more questions than answers. Unless you’ve seen mental health professional about the attacks, you have only received the runaround from the local health doctors. You could have been told all sorts of causes for your difficulties: too much caffeine, too much stress, nothing at all. If you are not certain that what you know is such an attack, verify the symptoms of a panic attack to see if they match up to what you or your loved one has.

Feeling of Impending Death

What tends to make symptoms of a panic attack so frightening is they mimic the symptoms of life-threatening health problems, such as a heart attack. After all we all have these symptoms in our head thanks to the media so when we know these kinds of symptoms, our very first reaction is “I am going to die!”

This feeling of death is hard to shake, even as soon as the panic attack subsides. Even if you’ve had several panic attacks, you might be questioning every single time no matter whether or not you are getting an actual attack or a real health emergency.

The Flight or Fight Response Goes Haywire

Most of the symptoms of a panic attack (with the exception of the one above) come from our body’s built in flight or fight response reaction. Intended to prepare our bodies to survive a dangerous encounter, the method isn’t immune to malfunctioning or overreacting. No matter how scary public speaking is, for example, most of us would agree that it is not on the caliber of coming across a lion alone on the African plains. But, the same thing that is built to push us into action from also makes us freak out sometimes.

If you’re not familiar with the inner workings of the flight or fight response program, here’s what happens:• Heart beat begins racing to pump more blood into our limbs so we can fight or run. The redirection of blood to our limbs and extremities causes less oxygen to reach our brains and significantly less blood to the stomach – the result is dizziness and “butterflies” in the stomach. As the blood rushes into the key muscle groups, it also departs from the toes and fingers causing a tingling sensation.

• The feeling of tightening in the lungs causes you to breathe quicker to improve the quantity of oxygen in the blood and as a result make it more useful for the muscles for the duration of flight or fight, but also makes you feel as if you are hyperventilating. Other symptoms include sweating, chills, and having hot flashes. All of these are symptoms of a panic attack.

A genuine feeling of impending doom that paralyzes you from taking action and the realization that your feelings are irrational makes the knowledge even worse. If you or somebody you know has complained about the symptoms of a panic attack, you should consult a mental health professional and seek out therapy for the dilemma. Otherwise, they may get worse.

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How To Treat Anxiety Naturally

How to treat anxiety is something most people ask. Due to the fact of stress a large number of people are suffering from anxiety. Some people confuse anxiety with weakness. If you want to treat anxiety then understand its symptoms first. The most common symptom of anxiety is chest pain, breathing problems, fatigue, loss of temper, abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite, reduced enthusiasm, headache, and perspiration. The onset of these symptoms confirm anxiety.

There are some natural ways of treating anxiety without taking medicines. Adhere to a wholesome and balanced diet to overcome anxiety. It is essential that you have a diet program that consists of all the important nutrients that the body needs. Make sure that the diet plan involves all the essential nutrients. This will help stop anxiety and panic attacks. Suitable intake of Vitamin C, D and E will remove the anxiety symptoms. Your diet plan needs to also have adequate amounts of magnesium, zinc and calcium. The gamma amino butyric acid is important for lowering anxiety.

Anxiousness can develop into depression if not treated quickly. Exercising routinely will reduce anxiety. Consult a expert trainer to guide you. Yoga and meditation is believed to decrease the probability of anxiety. This kind of a normal routine will help you to overcome anxiety. You can also join sports activities that can make you quite active like football, volleyball, tennis, basketball and numerous more. You may also think about many breathing workout routines to help you relax during an anxiety attack. There are also herbal remedies that is said to be extremely effective in treat anxiety attack like dandelion leaves and certain flowers. Anxiety symptoms can be decreased with the support of Bugleweed, lemon balm and so forth.

As the toxic level of the body increases so will your body get prone to anxiety attacks. It is crucial to drink eight to 10 glasses of water as several specialists always say. People who are not getting enough sleep are also prone to getting anxiety attacks. Due to the fact this is the time when the body does all the functions that it can not do whilst you are awake. Some of the essential hormones of the body are developed in sleep. Adhere to a healthier life-style to overcome anxiety.

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